Visiting the city of Dubrovnik was a welcome surprise for both me and Richard. We had just returned from Jamaica and had some serious blues, so on a whim we took a visit to our lovely friend and booking agent Lexi and she booked us in for a 5 day stay in lovely Croatia. 

I had heard many good things about Croatia but never really considered it for myself and i'm so pleased we came. Its definitely different than what we are used to, it's a slower pace of life here and has a completely different atmosphere to what we are normally used to. It reminds me of those lazy strolls you take on a hot summer Sunday around a national trust park. There are plenty of beautiful rocky bays to soak up the sun, and lots of interesting wine bars and restaurants to eat in. If your looking for the ultimate relaxing holiday, some where to eat and take in a view, the city of Dubrovnik would definitely be a great choice.
Also do not worry about boredom there is so much to do here, from Kayaking, SUP boarding, snorkelling, island hopping, adventuring around the many heritage sights, and If your a avid Game of Thrones fan there are many tours to choose from. I would recommend the GoT day tour it was fantastic!

Before we left for Croatia the girls at Free People, Lisa and Eve were lovely enough to gift me a few items for my holiday. I was really taken back by their generosity and absolutely adore my new items. First one being this gorgeous fuchsia dress. Normally its not a colour I would pick out for myself but I absolutely adore it! The materials thick enough to cover your modesty, and comes with a slip underneath, but light enough that you wont get hot. I also love the low cut detailing at the front and deep cut sided. You could easily go from day to night with this dress.  

I hope you enjoyed my first post about Dubrovnik, are you thinking of taking a trip? Or have you been? 

Love N 



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  1. Dubrovnik looks gorgeous! I never thought of Croatia as a travel destination either, but now I am. I like how relaxing it looks and how it's at a slower pace. The dress seems to perfectly suit that vacation and is really pretty. The game of thrones tour sounds awesome!


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