Its no secret I love Neal's Yard products. Since I received a bottle of the Aromatic bath for my 24th Birthday I've been hooked ever since. Over the years i've slowly made my way through NY inventory of products enjoying the different smells and ingredients of each of them. Not only do I love the products but I also really like the companies ethics. Neal's Yard are associated with the Soil Association, Vegetarian and are Cruelty free. So it was no surprise that when I was asked to become a consultant I signed up straight away. It also means you can shop your whole beauty regime straight from my Blogshop fuss free. It honestly seemed like a no brainer. I already blog and talk about things I love so this really is no different. And since i've become a consultant I thought I would celebrate with you guys and share my skin essentials and my personal opinions on them. 

Neal's yard do sell ranges targeted a specific skin types but I personally enjoy mixing and matching. I have a combination skin type, with areas of my skin being very dry and other parts being extremely greasy and oily. It's super annoying because anything to much will end up in a break out, but anything to stripping will leave me with large patches of silver flakes. 

So I opted for the Wild Rose beauty Balm which can be used multiple ways. Not only is it a exfoliating cleanser but it can be used as a intensive moisturiser, face mask, lip balm and cuticle balm. Which means I can get some real bang for my bucks. You don't need too much and I've found it to be a real life saver in the cold weather and has stopped my face drying out with all the central heating. Then i'll go in with my Rehydrating Rose Toner  to make sure any residue is off and my skin is ready and prepped for the rest of my routine. I find the toner super cleansing with out it stripping my skin.  I'll follow up with my Wild Rose Beauty Elixir, For extra hydration. I find it just gives my skin a beautiful even texture. I like to leave it to soak in before applying my Purifying Palmarosa daily moisturiser. I love this stuff, its like the icing on the cake and I personally find this complements the moisturizing aspects of the Wild Rose products. It doesn't leave me oily at all. Moisturises beautifully and leaves my skin feeling more even and bright.

I also have a few purse savers that I couldn't be without, First being the Shea Nut & Rosehip Lip balm thats saved my lips from the cold weather. My lips constantly chap from weather and matte lipstick. I pop this on before my make up application and let it do its thing. My favourite thing about this lip balm is that its not shiny, and doesn't leave that awful sticky gum like feel on your lips. If your not a lipstick fan it's perfect because its practically untraceable when applied and super effective.
I also love a quick Blob of the Wild Rose hand cream. the first time I used this product I used wayyy to much! You only need a tiny amount, and it leaves a beautiful light sent. It literally rescues my hands from all the hair washing in the salon.
And last but not least my Remedies to Roll Relaxation Oil. I find this particularly useful and the begging of any relaxing activity or my meditation practice. I find it great to roll on and smell to bring in all my senses and give me something to concentrate on. It's also great to pop out of your handbag in stressful situations, I like to use it on the tube or in busy area's of London if i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

So there you have it, my current savours! What will you be trying? Have you used Neal's Yard before and what are your thoughts on their products? 




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