My prayers were soon answered after the excess of Christmas, when I came across a blog called Unfancy based around Be More With Less and the Project 333. 
My house and wardrobe had just become a hoard of stuff collected over months and years serving no real purpose. My closet was so stuffed that it was becoming increasingly harder to get stuff in, and with the arrival of Christmas and many fabulous gifts there was just no more room left in the inn. This project seems like the perfect way to curb my emotional shopping habit. If i'm feeling sad i'll shop, if i've had a hard day i'll shop or if i'm bored i'll surf on ASOS rather than finding something to do. I need to live or face the problem rather than quick fix shopping it away with a load of cheap clothes.

Both blogs are built around the concept of building your very own mix and match capsule wardrobe for 3 or so months. They advise you pick between 33 to 37 items (You can choose more or less if needs be). And so armed with this idea in my head I started the monumental sort out. 

As I was sorting through boxes and draws I decided to switch Netflix on just for some back ground noise. I find it so funny when the universe sends you a yes sign and synchronicities line up, thats when the documentary Minimalists popped up.  If you haven't watched it yet i'd highly recommend it! I was hooked, I didn't start cleaning again until the documentary had finished. In fact it surpassed my wardrobe and I moved on to the rest of my house too. A day and 30 bin liners later I felt a free woman.  Thats no exaggeration either, if I hadn't used it in 3 months, If I didn't love it and if I was just holding onto it for sentimental value it went. The charity shop really cashed in.  I ended up with 38 items of clothing, three bags and 6 pairs of shoes. Chaz also has 38 Items of clothing stored in the dresser. After being a consumer for so long, especially when I started blogging it felt weird to see my new wardrobe hanging here so sparse! All my excess skincare and make up has also gone apart from my very favourite items. It's nice and feels like a new beginning. 

So this is the first week of #project333 and I thought I would update you every once in a while on my process! I'm also doing a blogpost on what i've selected for my capsule wardrobe and a seperate one for my yoga wear so stay tuned for those! 

Unfancy is awesome for wardrobe ideas and creating a relaxed more minimal way of thinking when it comes to fashion. Caroline Joy offers great printable work sheets and awesome tips to help you along your way

Courtney Carver Offers a more strategic approach on a more minimalistic lifestyle and the welling being benefits of being more with less. Not only is she the creator of #project333 but she offers practical life advice and posts on other ways you can simplify your living. If your feeling burnt out, stressed out and just all round done in then this is the one for you.

The minamists are a great catalyst for change. They offer a free documentary on Netflix, podcasts, a book and lots of awesome posts on their blog. They discuss the benefits of minimalism not just for our wellbeing but also talk about the effect consumerism has on our planet. The documentary is definitely not one to miss!

Lastly if your looking for a kick up the butt about throw away fashion maybe this is the documentary you need to see. As someone who would by new clothes I didn't need every week out of shear boredom this will make you consider what your doing. Fantastically educational and eye opening!

Will you be trying #project333? Or have you tried it before? let me know your thoughts or join me on Instagram!

Love & Light 



  1. I love the idea of being more minamilist, I get so frustrated with mess and clutter! But I also find it so hard to let go of things. Your room is beautiful, great post xxx

  2. Love this!!
    I really need to do the same. I often give to the op shop, but I need to be more severe with myself :') haha!! I still have so much I do not use.

    thank you for the inspo lovely x
    Best wishes

  3. This has 100% given me the push I needed, I'm with you with the emotional/boredom shopping, you end up with so much excess stuff you never even look at again once it's arrived! Excited to see how many bags I'll have by the end! x


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