Now I've wanted to share with you guys my though's on going cruelty free for ages but i'll be honest sharing such a controversial topic online scares the shit outta me. Not only are their so many opinions flying around on what actually deems a person, brand or product cruelty free, its also a hugely raw subject when you actually get into the matter of whats happening to the beings being hurt. Anyway i'm not writing this blogpost to try and guilt you into going cruelty free, its merely just to shine some light on my experience, and it may just evoke something in you too.

I was first introduced to the idea of cruelty free two years ago by my friend kate who has a unwavering love for animals and their welfare.  After watching a few videos of what went on behind closed doors I couldn't believe the extent at which they suffered and trust me when I say its more than having fur shaved off and lipstick applied. This was just as my first brand Indigos Moon was beginning to gain momentum. Soon I was gaining interest from brands and trying to make content. I was unsure about going cruelty free, I did some research and it just seemed limiting, considering I was really into beauty and steering  into fashion.

Despite animal testing being illegal in the Uk (other than medical testing). Companies who wish to sell their products abroad in countries like China must test. These companies will either test outside of the Uk or hire a company to test on their behalf.  A lot of popular brands like Rimmel, Chanel, YSL, Smash Box and many more are testing outside of Animal testing banned countries to be able to sell abroad. Another part of the battle is that there are no laws stating companies have to disclose if they are animal tested or not. Sometimes emailing these companies is not enough. A couple of times I received replies simply stating " We do not test in the Uk." or other answers beating around the bush  as to wether they did or didn't.
Time passed and my ever growing collection of cosmetics got larger and larger. So did my guilt. I was beginning to get really nice items sent to me which made it easier to make content, and I also really liked the items! It was nice to rattle through my cosmetics and get all glamed up. But I still had this niggling feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I slicked on my gorgeous favourite YSL lipstick.
The first couple of times I tried to google topics on cruelty free were confusing, there was so much information on the topic and so many contradicting facts. Debates about what defined a company as being cruelty free that I just didn't get it. I was scared to make a mistake.

I decided to google it again and thats when I can across the blog Cruelty free Kitty. Their mission statement being "Beauty Junkies against animal testing".

This blog has literally been the most helpful tool in going cruelty free,
It has all the whys and how's. Gives you lists on companies who test and who don't test. All the details on what companies own what brands. Even a list for the vegans! Its fantastic and so educational.

I've now gone out and bought a whole new make up bag busting with glamorous and luxurious products that I can use and not feel guilty about. I don't have to sacrifice my love for beautiful make up and I don't have to put a defenceless being through pain either. It's been two weeks and I haven't looked back.

please check out WWW.CRUELTYFREEKITTY.COM for more information if you want to transition to a cruelty free lifestyle too.


You can find a full list of cruelty free products Here

 Cruelty free 101 Here

Brands that test Here




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