Having the opportunity to visit Santorini this year was a absolute dream come true, and one more thing I can tick off the bucket list. I found the island truly whimsical and idyllic. If you ever get the chance to go i'd highly recommend it. 
We were lucky enough to book a room last minuet at the Sun Rocks Boutique Hotel in Theira, about 20 minuets drive away from Oia (bloggers capital). As beautiful as Oia was i'm so thankful we did. Not only is Theria quids cheaper and has the same idyllic white buildings and blue domed roof tops as Oia. Oia also has a main pedestrian foot path which looks directly down above all the hotels, meaning thousands of snap happy tourists can see into your private pool. Theira definitely felt a lot more intimate and private. 

I'd also check out the A.Spa, this place is absolutely insane! It looks like something straight out of a glossy magazine. Chaz and I both enjoyed a full body massage, a facial and a lovely relaxing swim in the private pool! Its expensive but so worth every penny!

There are plenty of activities to be enjoyed on the island but our favourites were the day boat tour which starts at the bottom of the island, touring around the famous Black, Red and White beaches, stopping for snorkeling and on board barbecue lunch. Moving on to the volcano where you can take a dip in the hot springs followed by the beautiful world famous sunset in Oia.

Or if your not the adventure type or maybe fancy something a bit chilled take the wine tour! where you will be invited to taste beautiful unique wines from three of Santorini's world famous vineyards. 

Santorini truly is a small corner of paradise and I feel extremely blessed to get the chance to explore such a uniquely beautiful island.

As for clothing I'd recommend packing clothes that are layer-able and light. This is a island that only gets 14 days of rainfall a year and in high summer its scorching!

I absolutely adored floating around the streets of Theira in this outfit, feeling every inch the fashion blogger! I feel that the accessories from Ultimate Collection really pull the whole thing together. I opted for the Pink Blaze sunnies and a gorgeous roman numeral bangle that I just absolutely adore! 

You can find these pieces and many more gorgeous designs and colour ways at

The bangle i'm wearing (here)

The sunnies (here)

Straw Hat (here)



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