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Long time no post, I'm really sorry about that. Ive been in a funk so long about what to do with Youtube and Blogging. At first I really loved doing it and then it started becoming a drain, and I guess in a way I felt quite pressured to do things a certain way. I started blogging more and more about beauty and fashion and after a while I became bored. I really am no MUA or fashion stylist the majority of my time is spent in comfortable clothing with my hair scraped back and lick of mascara. 

It wasn't just the blogging that became stale either. My yoga practice was dwindling too. I had no direction and found it hard to practice at home. In total i've practiced on and off for three nearly four years now, and even though I had stepped up my practice a year ago I wasn't seeing any real transformations in my practice or ability. I know in yoga its not about how flexible or strong you are, but it was really getting me down. On top of not really getting anymore skilled I wasn't learning anything either and my drive to read and explore was just becoming stagnant. 

Finally I decided that this will not do. I would wipe the slate completely clean. Hit the restart button. I decided to book myself on a six week beginners Ashtanga course at www.triyoga.co.uk . 
Ashtanga yoga appealed to me greatly because it has set routine that you follow. There is a routine for the asana's (poses), breath and gaze. These routines are called series. The course would be on a monday evening for a hour every week. I had decided that I would just forget everything I thought I knew and go in with a fresh mind. I was so nervous my first class. There were about 15 students in my class ranging from all ages and all sizes, which I loved! I loved the fact that none of us had a clue and it was easy to make friends. 
I was also nervous to start with a new teacher. My teacher was a young woman called Netta Imber, who I immediately liked. What I liked most about Netta and her teaching its how supported you felt in her classes. She always had smile on her face and found humour in everything. It was ok to be clumsy and make mistakes. She was very kind and very compassionate and created a safe feeling environment for our class to learn in. But most of all I felt completely inspired by her. I enjoyed listening to what she had to say about Ashtanga and after a few weeks of practicing Ashtanga and having a better idea of what I was doing, she managed to talk me into attending Mysore.


Mysore yoga is a self led practice of Ashtanga yoga, in a group class setting, but with one-to-one instruction. My first Mysore class was literally mind boggling! I had never seen anything like it before in my life. So many different variety of people, making all different types of shapes and movements. I couldn't keep my eyes or mind in one place, I was in absolute wonder. Im not going to lie to you guys, my first class was daunting and a tiny bit intimidating. Ego can't help but kick in when you see someone next to you who can get their leg behind their head like a cat! My first class I was all over the place, everything I had learned in my Ashtanga course was scattered to the wind, and so I spent the next 45 minutes fumbling my way through Mysore like some untrained baby elephant, and even though I had no clue what I was doing and I was nervous as hell, I had the best time.

Ever since I attended that course and went to Mysore i've felt inspired! I've fallen hook line and sinker for Ashtanga. I love how you practice at your own pace and its easy to see progress. My home practice has improved massively because I now have guide lines in which to follow. 
When I get back from holiday I aim to practice Mysore at Triyoga at least three times a week, and practice at home for a further 2 days. Traditionally Ashtanga is a 6 day Practice, One day rest, and rest days on moon days (i'm not to sure about the whole moon day thing yet, ill get there lol).

Im buzzing and I hope if you decide to try it you'll be buzzing too! Keep me posted on your yoga journey too! Feel free to tag me in your instagram snaps or use the hash tag #indigosmoonyoga I cant wait to hear your stories!!!


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