So I thought I would do a quick favourites post on all the skin care i'm loving at the moment. I've really been trying to hydrate my face recently, as I turned 26 in November I thought it would be better to prevent skin damage rather than cure it. And I've found these products to be ones I love using over and over again.
some are quite new finds and others old trusties i've been using for years.

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I was lucky enough to win these Day and Night creams by Nahrin just after Christmas from a OM Yoga Magazine competition. Im terrible for flittering in between facial creams and never tend to use a night one. I absolutely love Nahrin. They are made of natural ingredients and cruelty free.   
The day cream is contains Jojoba, Karite butter, Hexapeptides, and Amino Acids. 
The night cream contains Jojoba, Karite butter, Hexapeptide, Amino Acids, Ginkgo Biloba, Vegetable collagen, White Lilly, distilled Witch Hazel, Vitamin B5, B3, B1, A, E and H. As you can see both pack a full nutrient punch. They really do such a great job at keeping my skin hydrated and you only need a tiny amount each time which makes these products really cost effective. 

Now I've been using Utrabland from Lush, no lie for about a year and a half and I absolutely love it! I've tried oil and balm cleansers before and always go back to it. Even though its a super rich oily cleanser its never broken me out and I find it makes my skin feel amazing. After I've finished cleansing I use a warm flannel and water to remove the access product and old make up. I always tone with Witch hazel just to take any remainder off. I've found that using this has just cleared up my complexion dramatically, all my little raised bumps are gone and my skin feels more plump and smooth.

Luxsit Organic serums are pure joy in glass bottled form! Before I was introduced to *Luxsit through The Bloggers Hub I was just using Vitamin E oil as a serum, which was in no way a bad thing but it could be a tad heavy at times and I would have to put it on and give it a while to sink in. Luxsit serum is a dream to use. And I cant imagine using anything else I love it that much. Luxsit are made from natural organic raw materials and are 100% vegan (I love them even more). The high linoleic acid content in the strawberry seed oil used in this product, binds moisture to the skin and strengthens the inner layers of the epidermis which prevents the appearance of fine lines. It also contains Thistle and Jojoba oil, vitamin A and Vitamin E. The Invigorating Serum I use is made for normal to combination skin, but there are different opinions Hydrating, Soothing and Regenerating. 

I've also taken a liking to Zuzka products!Zuzka products are again Natural and Organic. *The Argenine Hydroxy Rejuvenating Mask is beautiful to use! Its really cooling as you apply it! leave it on for 20 minuets and rinse off, I always follow it up with a spray of my *Rose Petal facial Spritz, which is lovely and refreshing.

I also find my lips get super dry no matter the weather so I exfoliate my lips in the morning and before bed with Lush Popcorn lip scrub, and I moisturise them through out the day with Nuxe Reve De Miel. I love this combination, the popcorn taste of the scrub with the honey in the lip balm is just heavenly! 

And I know that these aren't technically skin care but they are apart of my beauty routine. I've never really rated these lash serums thinking they were a bit gimmicky, but I was given the opportunity to try *LiLash and they completely changed my mind. I cant say i've noticed a massive difference in the length of my lashes, don't get me wrong they are a bit longer but not hugely, but over all the condition of my lashes are so much better. If anything I feel they are healthier, thicker and fuller and don't need so much mascara to make them look great. I was even more impressed with the brow serum! my eyebrows have forever been sparse patches of uneven fluff after the over plucking trend way back when I was fifteen. I've never been able to get them back, which makes me extremely sad. I've always wanted Natalie Portman eyebrows.... well this defiantly helped! I just cant believe the change in my brows and how much more even and fuller they feel. I'm thrilled with the results.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you use any of these products too? whats your opinion on them? and what do you recommend using? 

Namaste, Love and Light

Nikita XXX

Everything marked with a (*) will be a gifted item. Even though these are gifted items all my opinions are my own.

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