Hey, so I thought I would put together a little picture book of my favourite Shop Dixi items that i've been wearing non stop over the past months. I've come to really love Shop Dixi not just because their jewellery is amazing but because this companies customer care is so on point, shopping from their website is a absolute joy & easy to browse through. There collections are so unique. Their items scream quality & I know will be with me for a very long time. I also picked a few of these items based on their spiritual qualities & I thought id share the reasons behind them in this post.

Firstly i'd like to point out how beautifully packaged there items are. I ordered a Epsilon Clear Quarts Necklace (here), it arrived in this beautiful red box & a little hessian bag.

This is the necklace & I don't think i've ever owned such a unique & beautiful piece of jewellery. the crescent moon is rhodium plated iron (nickel & lead free), & the gem is clear crystal quartz (Crown Chakra).
Clear crystal quartz is seen in the spiritual world as the supreme gift of Mother Earth, and the chameleon of all crystals it resonates with a individuals needs. Clear quartz amplifies what ever energy or intent is programmed into it & broadcasts that energy throughout the world on a vibrational level. This may accelerate affirmations, prayers, intensify healing or spiritual growth, opening the mind & heart to higher growth.  

This is the Luna Poison Box Ring (here), made of silver & moonstone (Third eye chakra). One of my absolute favourite pieces. I love how they've made crescent moons on the side of the ring & the detailing around the moonstone is gorgeous.
Moonstone is meant to be the driving influence of a inward journey & allowing the barer to reach deep within ones self to retrieve what is missing, parts of our souls that have been left behind or forgotten & to be able to bring them to light. Its also good for the traveller as a lucky amulet of protection. worn for passion & helps with sleeplessness.

Phoenix Jasper ring is also one of my favourites, with its sterling silver moon & star clasps. Jasper (Heart Chakra) is good for restoring harmony to the emotional body & to soothe restless spirit, allowing you to gain control over your thoughts. And its the ultimate sleep stone!

Theses are such little favourites of mine & i'm so fond of them. One saying "Moon Child" & the other "Inhale, Exhale". Both have equal relevance to my loves of the moon & my passion for yoga.

And last but not least my Ocean Moon & Stars Ring (here). This is such a beautiful chunky band of silver sterling, and looks so flattering! And the Topaz is so blue and bright! 
Topaz (throat chakra, Third eye chakra) brings truth & wisdom, & brings body, Mind & spirit into union. It helps you stick to your truth & your path. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I know its a little different but thats me!

And I hope you find a few pieces from Shop Dixi that you will fall in love with like I have.

Namaste, Love & Light 


*This post was not sponsored.


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