Hey Beauts! I wanted to talk about this wicked App I found on the App Store. Its called 'All-in Yoga' (here). I love this app because not only is it a social media platform for yogis, a place where they can post pictures of the Asana's, Its a teacher and planner all in one!

I comes with

300 yoga poses and breathing exercises 
HD video demonstrations for all poses
3D muscle images for every pose 
45 predefined yoga programs with HD video instructions
Create your own programs
Beginner, Intermediate and advanced settings
Share photos, comment and follow your favourite users!

*Mala Samastah Yoga Jewellery (here)

I love social media, so anything that blends that with yoga is like a dream come true!
It allows you to create a full profile, upload pictures, comment, like and follow other users.

 It also has a full planner so you can mark your progress, and plan your lessons, so its perfect for home practice and applying discipline to your practice.

*Mala Samastah Yoga Jewellery (here)

Beginners all the way to advanced yogis can use this app. Custom programs can be made which are perfect for blending different skill levels together to create a unique practice tailored to your needs. 

I hope you guys find this app as exciting to use as I have! And if you sign up make sure you send me a follow! 

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Namaste, Love & Light


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or paid advertisement. Anything gifted is marked with a *. I only feature gifts if they are something I would actually use myself and all opinions are my own.


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